Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQs on Choosing a Flooring
How do you check the quality of flooring?
Where are the flooring manufactured?
Does it matter if I have pets?
Are bamboo flooring environmentally friendly?
FAQs on Maintaining Timber Flooring
What do you recommend in terms of maintaining timber flooring?
What is covered by your warranty?
How many times can different floorboard types be sanded or resanded?
FAQs on Installing Timber Flooring
Do I need underlay for my flooring?
How level should the subfloor be?
What is an easy and effective way to measure the moisture content of the subfloor?
What kind of trims do I require, if any?
Do you install various types of flooring?
What is your opinion on installing timber flooring products in the kitchen and laundry areas?
Can you seal floorboards, which feature micro bevels?
Is it necessary for the floorboards to acclimatise?