Artificial Turf 30mm

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Artificial Turf with High Pile Height, High Density and High Realism | Lion King Flooring

Now at a seriously low price of $20.80/m2!

Our astro turf features a pile height of 30mm, 18 Stitches per 10cm Span for unmatched density, 4 Tones of Colour including yellow (dead grass) for added realism, UV resistant coating, it does not contain lead or harmful chemicals and is safe for children and pets.

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Artificial Turf (4SA 30mm)
30mm Pile Height Synthetic Grass
Minimum to Order is 1 Roll.
(5m x 2m) (10m x 2m)

This astro turf features:

18 Stitches per 10cm Span
For unmatched density.

4 Tones of Colour
Including yellow (dead grass) for added realism.

UV Resistant

Safe for Children and Pets
This Artificial Turf does not contain lead or harmful chemicals.

Pile Height of 30mm
For long-lasting use.

Other Advantages of this Astro
No Need to Water
Low to No Maintenance
Same Colours All Year Round
Can be Used 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
Extra backing lip to join several rolls.
The seams do not show.

Product Usage
This artificial turf is fantastic for outdoor (and indoor) projects.
Artificial Turf/Synthetic Grass Technical Data 101
Pile Height: The height of the pile (the carpet of yarn on top of the artificial turf backing).
Dtex (Decitex): Unit of linear density of a continuous filament or yarn.  Equal to 1/10th of a tex or 9/10th of a denier.
Stitch Rate: Number of artificial grass turf stitches/tufts per 10cm span in a straight line.
Gauge: The distance between two adjacent line, usually using inch as unit.
Density: Numbers of stitches per m2.
(3/8″ Gauge = 105 line per metre) x (180 Stitches per 1m span) = 18,900 Stitches Per m2

Additional information

Pile Height


Number of Colours

4 Tones (Including Yellow)



Stitch Rate

18 Tufts (Stitches) per 10cm Span


18,900 stitches/m2


Synthetic Rubber and UV Stabilised


PE+PP Yarn