Sample of Vanilla Oak (2610)


Sample Offcut
A sample offcut is a 10cm offcut that lets you see the colour and material of the flooring in person as opposed to seeing a depiction of it on the web, which can vary due to many factors such as uncallibrated monitor etc.

Highland Ridge™ Premium 12mm Laminate | Lion King Flooring


Vanilla Oak (2608)
This flooring features a creamy blend of whites and pale peach. The flooring also features swirls, rings and a variety of grains. This flooring contrasts well with dark furnitures.
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Highland Ridge™
Premium 12mm Laminate Flooring

Our premium range of 12mm laminate flooring features 25 years structural warranty, embossing that matches the laminate print (for added realism), better wear resistance and better seal against water spills.

A real alternative to Engineered Timber or Solid Timber flooring.
On the Surface
The surface finish of this flooring is of a low sheen and is embossed, which gives this floor character. The embossed surface matches the laminate print, making for a very realistic floorboard. You can hardly tell that this is a laminate. This flooring is excellent for those who have dust allergies.
Heavy Duty and Super Tough
This floor has the toughest surface in our laminate floor range with a rating of AC 3, Class 31. This means this floor is suitable for residential use with heavy foot traffic or commercial use with moderate foot traffic.

This laminate floor also contains an extra wax seal on all sides of the boards. This gives a better protection against moisture. The floor comes with a 25 Year Structural Warranty.
Other Features of this Floor
Engineered Micro Bevel
The Micro Bevel has been specifically calculated to give a visual definition to each board. At the same time the depth is not deep enough that dirt will be caught in the bevel.
Not Painted Edges
The finish between each board is important. The surface layer wraps to the micro bevel edge of the board. This is opposed to having the edges painted which can be easily scratched off.
High Quality Core
We choose one of the best cores available for out laminate floor. This makes the floor both strong and rigid.
Protection Stabiliser Film
To reduce the probability of the boards to warp, buckle or twist, a stabilising laminate film is put underneath the board.
Advantages of this Laminate Flooring
This 12mm laminate flooring will feel firmer to walk on than the thinner 8.3mm laminate flooring.
According to feedback from other customer, after installing the flooring, the floor feels warmer than the tiles they had originally.
The floor does not stain easily. Spilt food can easily be wiped off.
This product can be installed by yourself, provided you are handy and feel confident in using power tools. No glue and nails are required.
The flooring can be used immediately after it has been installed.
This is a good alternative for those projects that are after the look of real timber, without the costly installation associated with solid timber flooring.

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