These days the two most common types of floors people have in their houses are either carpet or wooden floorboards. Both have their own characteristics which makes them unique in their own way. If you understand how both materials are made, only then will you be able to make an informed choice.



Floor carpeting has been a popular choice for a lot of people in the past. Carpets are losing their popularity because nowadays we have laminate, hybrid, engineered and solid hardwood floorings in the market. Wth the cons of carpets there are still pros that come along with it. Carpets usually enhance the décor of your house. In the winters they are nice to have as they provide warmth. Carpets are also softer on your feet and they provide noise insulation as well. But the problem with the carpets is that they have more disadvantages as compared to the benefits. Sometimes these carpets become a perfect breeding ground for the insects. The dust also gets accumulated and it stays there unless you clean it. Carpets are known to be the source of allergic reactions due to the carpets trapping moisture and allergens in them. It’s also harder to clean the carpets if you get stains on them. If the stains are not removed, they will leave behind a distinct odour. It’s best to stay away from carpets if you have kids or pets. Carpets will cost less initially but will have a high maintenance cost in the longer run. Compared to cleaning floorboards, the cost of cleaning carpets is much higher.

The other thing you can do is to get wooden floorboards. You can choose from a huge range of different sorts of floorboards including laminate, hybrid, bamboo, engineered and solid hardwood flooring.


Laminate Flooring:

The laminate floorboards provided by Lion King Flooring are made in a way where the top layer is a photograph and is backed with HDF (high-density fibreboard) to give the floorboard a nice natural looking structure. These floorboards are created specifically to look and feel just like wood, tile or stone, but done at a fraction of the cost. Paired with a low level of maintenance and the ability to install these floorboards on top of existing floorboards, this solution is a cost effective alternative to natural materials. They require little maintenance and the hard material resists scratches, which makes it ideal for both home and commercial purposes. As laminates are not waterproof, we recommend you dry the area as soon as possible if spill occurs to avoid the risk of damaging your floorboards. This makes the laminate flooring ideal for living areas and bedrooms.  Take a look at our website to view different options.

American Oak Laminate Floor


Hybrid Flooring:

Another alternative to carpets is hybrid flooring. You can install SPC (Sandstone Plastic Composite) flooring if you want to get waterproof floorboards. These floorboards are 100% waterproof and you don’t need to worry about damaging them with water. SPC flooring from Lion King Flooring comes with an attached IXPE underlay and they also have a scratch-resistant layer on their top. Hybrid flooring is becoming a popular choice amongst homeowners because of its waterproof properties. To have a look at our SPC range, you can visit our website.

Latte Oak Hybrid SPC


Engineered Timber Flooring:

Engineered timber floorboards have real timber veneer on top, with multiple layers of plywood for the backing, to ensure less movement in the floorboards when the seasons change. This helps avoid damage, making it a longer-lasting option. Engineered timber flooring has multiple layers of lacquer on the top to provide strength. They come in a few different easy-to-install systems which means this flooring doesn’t need to be nailed to the subfloor. This makes it easy to install, repair & maintain the engineered timber floors. Engineered Timber Flooring is suitable for units, apartments and houses alike.


Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo flooring comes in different patterns which enable us to see the grain of the grass. This flooring is tough & durable, and it is easy to install. Bamboo flooring is suitable for living areas, bedrooms and hallways, however, we at Lion King Flooring do not recommend that you install them in the kitchens or bathrooms.  We provide bamboo floorboards which have a 14kN Janka Ranking, this means it can withstand a lot of force that is applied to the Bamboo floorboards. A 14kN Janka Ranking is one of the best scores a floorboard can receive. They come with the standard E0/ E1 emissions ratings. If you are considering replacing your carpets to flooring, Bamboo is one of the best options for you. This is because of the cost-efficiency & the maintenance required is less than most carpets.


Solid Hardwood Flooring:

Solid hardwood flooring is one of the best types of floorings you can find. You get a classical look when you get solid hardwood flooring. But solid hardwood flooring does not hold up well against moisture. At Lion King Flooring, you will find floorboards starting from 18mm thickness. The only way the solid hardwood flooring can be installed is by nailing them down to the subfloor. The good thing about solid hardwood flooring is it goes well with all sorts of indoor décor. This sort of flooring can be sanded up to 5 times which helps to remove scratches from the surface. Sometimes people add these floorboards to their house just so they can increase the value. If you ever spill something on these floorboards, you can simply mop the area to clean it. These floorboards shouldn’t be installed in laundry rooms or bathrooms because they can get damaged due to the moisture. You will also need to refinish these floorboards every 10 years so that its look can be maintained. It’s best to install them in places where you don’t get a lot of foot traffic like the living rooms, halls and bedrooms. You can also try to avoid installing them in kitchens because if you drag chairs on top, it could scratch up these floorboards.