Australian Tassie Oak (Nature Plus)

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Nature Plus Engineered Timber offers one of the most desirable and exotic high density floorboards.
The veneer of these floorboards offer a range of colors made from Australian hardwood timber.

Using Unilins’ compressed wood technology, the Engineered timber have been refined to increase the janka ratings from 5.5- 9.6 to 14-19. By precisely adding up to 8 layers of plywood, the integral strength and stability of the floorboards will also improve, furthermore increasing the resistance against weather and more shock absorbent.
The 50% gloss cured duracoat improves the veneers scratch resistance as well as give it a smooth finish for easy cleaning.



Tassie Oak

Nature Plus

Australian Hardwood Species, Engineered Timber Flooring with Tounge & Groove Joining System

  • Unilin compressed wood technology – Improving impact and scratch resistance,
  • Overall improving the integral strength of the floorboard.
  • Less susceptible to the variations of moisture and temperature change. Produced with multiple layers of cross grained hardwood core, which increases stability and durability and avoids gaping and peaking.
  • This has enabled Nature Plus to offer their range of engineered timber flooring with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a 25 year Residential Wear Warranty.
  • Nature Plus floorboards are professionally finished(50% gloss Cured Coat) and can be installed and walked on in the same day. Boards are sanded, sealed and coated in the factory with a high quality surface finish, ready for easy installation. No mess, no disruption.
  • Every board of Nature Plus hardwood flooring is engineered from eight layers of polywood sheets bonded together to form a solid, stable floorboard. Each layer has its grain aligned at right-angles to the next, creating an etremely stable structure.
  • Simple to install Nature Plus flooring is supplied with machined tongue-and groove joints for ease of installation. It can be installed on virtually any flat surface – over concrete, tiles, or even existing timber floors.
  • Easy to maintain Nature Plus flooring requires little maintenance. Regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and grit, plus wiping with a wet cloth that has been wrung dry is all that is required
  • This flooring is made of natural material and as such changes colour when exposed to light. All wood species change colour after installation, but some change much more than others.
  • The floor will become darker or lighter depending on the selected species without affecting the beauty or quality of the product.
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