Sample of Walnut (Wire Brushed)


Sample Offcut
A sample offcut is a 10cm offcut that lets you see the colour and material of the flooring in person as opposed to seeing a depiction of it on the web, which can vary due to many factors such as uncallibrated monitor etc. 

Maganda™ Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring



Walnut (Wire Brushed)

The Walnut (Wire Brushed) Maganda™ Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring features dark brown and red tones with streaks of dark grains running down the board. This flooring has a hint of warmer reddish hues compared to the other dark and stained bamboo flooring we stock.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Our premium range of 14mm Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring features:

  • Wax sealed edges (even the Big Brand Names do not feature) to reduce noise transfer and moisture intake.
  • A glueless and nailless drop lock joint system.
  • 7 coats of hardened polyurethane and 2 UV protective coatings.
  • 25 years limited structural warranty.
  • Maganda™ Bamboo rivals the best of hardwood timber flooring in terms of density with a typical Janka Rating of 14kN.

Being a natural product, bamboo flooring will exhibit variations in colour and tone from batch to batch. You are more than welcome to visit our showroom and warehouse to inspect our current batch of Maganda™ Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring.

On the Surface
The flooring features 7 coats of Harden Polyurethane and 2 UV Protective Coating creating a hard-wearing and a brushed/wired surface finish.

Super Tough
The flooring is constructed from 14mm strand woven bamboo making the floorboards hard to dent. Maganda™ Bamboo Flooring rivals the best of hardwood timber flooring in terms of density with a typical Janka Rating of 14kN.

The bamboo flooring also contains an extra wax seal on all edges of the boards. This gives better protection against moisture and dampen noise transfer. The floor is also backed by a 25 Years Limited Structural Warranty.

Other Features of this Flooring :

  • Engineered Micro Bevel

The Micro Bevel has been specifically calculated to give a visual definition to each board. At the same time the depth is not deep enough that dirt will be caught in the bevel.

  • Drop Lock Joint System

This product can be installed by yourself, provided you are handy and feel confident in using power tools. No glue and nails are required and the engineered joint system ensures for a well connected flooring with minimal gap.

  • Smooth Surface

The floor does not stain easily. Spilt food can be wiped off easily.

  • Prefinished Flooring Product.

The flooring can be used immediately after it has been installed.


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