Bamboo WPC Outdoor Decking

$55.00 $51.80

Solardeck™ WPC Outdoor Flooring

Lion King Flooring presents Solardeck™ Bamboo Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Outdoor Decking. This decking combines the durability of bamboo and the strength of plastic. This outdoor decking does not need to be treated ever.

This decking comes in either grey or red/brown.


This is a premium prefinished product that features:

• An easy to install clip system that hides the top nail from the surface of the decking.
• Does not require coating ever.
• Resistant to UV decay.
• Weather proof.
• Easy to clean.
• Easy to maintain.
• Resistant to decay.

Traditional Wood vs WPC

With the WPC Outdoor Decking:
• You will save a lot of time and money from on going maintenance.
• You will not need to add lacquer or other coating to the WPC Decking.
• To remove any stains, all you need to use is a mild sanding paper.
• Unlike timber outdoor decking, WPC do not have high tannin content and there is no need to scrub oil off.
• With the clip system of the WPC decking, there will be no exposed nails on the top surface. You will not require to punch or putty the nails prior to sanding.
• Since the WPC decking is a prefinished product, you will not require to sand the deck to remove any uneveness.
• Unlike timber outdoor decking, you will not be required to recoat every 6 to 12 months.
• With a WPC Outdoor decking, you will save time and money.

WPC vs Other Materials


Wood Steel Plastic WPC
0.8 – 1.1 7.0 – 8.0 0.9 – 1.1 0.7 – 1.2


Wood Steel Plastic WPC
**** ** ****

Anti Corrosion

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
*** ****

Resistance to Moisture

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
*** *** ***

Hot Scalability

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
*** *** ***

Weather Proof

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
**** ****

Resistance to Chemical Rot

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
* ** *** ***


Wood Steel Plastic WPC
High High Medium Low


Wood Steel Plastic WPC
* *** ***

Waste Disposal

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
*** ****

Safe to Use

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
*** *** ***

Flexibility of Structure Size

Wood Steel Plastic WPC
*** ***

Excellent: **** | Great: *** | Good: **
| Normal: * | Bad:

Important Note: Although there is numerous advantage to this material. The WPC decking is hollow inside. Avoid dropping heavy objects on to the floor as this can cause the surface to chip.
Additional information

Additional information

Plank Size

2200mm x 150mm x 25mm

Plank Area



$6.60 per Length (2.2m)

Stainless Starter Clip

$0.20 per Piece

Stainless Spacer Clips

$0.20 per Piece

Stainless Screw for Clip

$0.10 per Piece

Stainless Screw and Fitting for Keel

$0.15 per Piece


$3.50 per Length (2.2m)

For Keel

2 Lengths per m²

For Stainless Starter Clip

1 Piece per m²

For Stainless Spacer Clips

20 Pieces per m²

For Stainless Screw for Clip

21 Pieces per m²

For Stainless Screw and Fitting for Keel

10 Pieces per m²

For L-Cap/Cover

0.66 Lengths per m²