Hardwood flooring looks great in almost any part of your home. Its stylish aesthetic can enhance the sophistication of your home office, living room, dining area or even the bedroom. But these good looks come with a hefty price to your wallet; it’s difficult to clean, easily damaged and expensive to replace when the time (inevitably) comes.

But fortunately, there’s a better option — you can now bring the hardwood look to your home at a fraction of the cost, thanks to hybrid flooring. With the same attractive aesthetic and feel as hardwood sans any of the hassle, SPC hybrid flooring has emerged as an increasingly popular choice for discerning homeowners. With minimal maintenance, mould and mildew resistance, no buckling or shifting and improved soundproofing capabilities, SPC hybrid flooring offers all the benefits of going for the real thing with none of the downsides.

The future of flooring in a stone plastic composite

So, what is SPC flooring? It’s short for “Stone polymer composite” and it’s made from a combination of natural limestone powder and virgin PVC. While this may not sound like an obvious combination of materials, the end result is a composite that is highly stable and durable.

Its unique construction also enables it to easily mimic a wide variety of different materials, including wood and stone, with easily customisable colours and textures. It’s also able to be placed over subflooring or any other level hard surface, maintaining its integrity in the process. In turn, this has made it an ideal choice for flooring in both homes and commercial areas.

SPC flooring: the definition of style meeting substance

Waterproof, scratch and damage-resistant and with impressive structural integrity, SPC flooring derives its durability and appearance from a unique combination of five different layers.

  • SPC Core — Providing the structural integrity which underpins the entire construction, this is created from a combination of limestone powder and PVC to create a solid yet highly versatile flooring material.
  • Backing — At Lion King Flooring, we offer two options for backing — IXPE and cork back underlay. Serving as the backbone of the plank, it absorbs impact and helps promote comfort when walking on the flooring. The cork backing also doesn’t gather dust, making it an ideal hypoallergenic choice.
  • Printing layer — Virtually identical to the look and feel of natural materials, the printing layer mimics the look of hardwood and stone surfaces — this layer helps ensure that your hybrid flooring looks as natural as possible, no matter the setting.
  • Protective wear layer — Acting as a “bodyguard” for the layers beneath, this layer helps protect your flooring from scratches, dings and other possible damage.
  • UV special surface treatment — This layer helps your flooring to resist dirt, fading and discolouration, while also keeping it easy to clean.

The ideal flooring for almost any environment

These are the qualities that make SPC hybrid flooring an ideal choice for almost any part of your home(Except wet areas like bathrooms). High-traffic areas such as entryways, halls or kitchens can all benefit from the high-class look that hybrid flooring can provide, as well as its built-in durability. Additionally, commercial offices can also benefit from SPC flooring; as high-traffic areas that require frequent cleaning, it’s an ideal choice when you’re aiming to find a middle ground between great appearance and easy maintenance.

Available in a variety of different finishes and colours, it’s also easy to match your hybrid flooring to your existing colour scheme — you won’t have to worry about compromising on quality or appearance.

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