Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring usually has a 0.6mm to 6mm hardwood top layer and multi plywood or different hardwood/softwood backing.

The natural hardwood layer is protected by several layers of coating that both give the flooring its fantastic colours and provide protection from external factors.

Multi plywood backing makes the flooring more structurally stable, the increased stability is achieved by running each layer at a 90° angle to the layer above. These floorings are less prone to crowning and cupping when compared to solid timber flooring due to the method of construction of the flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is the most common type of wood flooring in Europe and has been growing in popularity in North America and Australia.

Benefits of having Engineered Timber Flooring:

There are quite a lot of benefits for having engineered timber floors. Some of them are listed below:

  • Most Engineered Timber Flooring comes pre-finished which means there is a reduction in the installation period.
  • Engineered timber floors are made up of several layers which makes the structurally more stable. Doesn’t contract or expand as much as solid hardwood flooring.
  • It is easy to clean these floors as you can simply sweep the floors or use a slightly damp mop.
  • These can be installed as floating or direct stick method.
  • Engineered flooring is easier to install when compared to Solid Timber flooring.
  • Engineered Flooring can be installed in all sorts of residential buildings including houses, units and apartments.

Supply & Install Engineered Timber Flooring Sydney

Lion King Flooring also provides Engineered flooring supply and install service throughout Sydney including Eastern suburbs, Western suburbs, Northern Beaches, Hills district, Canterbury – Bankstown, Forest District, Central Coast, Illawarra-Shoalhaven and the Blue Mountains. Please contact our friendly team for a no-obligation quote.

Supply Only and Delivery Engineered Timber Flooring

We allow pick-up from our warehouse in Sydney (Guildford NSW 2161). We can also arrange deliveries to most of the areas in Australia including all New South Wales, Queensland, Melbourne, Adelaide and surrounding areas.

Maintaining your Engineered Timber Floor

You can easily maintain your engineered timber flooring. Dry cleaning of the floor should be carried out regularly to remove loose dirt, grit and dust. Use a Dusting pad or soft broom. If vacuum cleaning, the cleaning head must have a soft brush to not damage the floor.

You can take the following steps to keep your floors in top condition:

  • Keep your engineered timber flooring clean and dry.
  • You can use a broom, microfiber dust mop or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to clean the engineered timber flooring.
  • Avoiding leaving liquids on top the engineered timber flooring for prolonged periods, make sure to clean it as soon as possible.
  • On the entrances of the rooms where you have the engineered timber flooring installed, you can keep mats. This will enable you to protect your floors’ top wear layer.
  • Whenever you’re cleaning the floors, make sure you don’t use steel wool, strong detergents or wax-based cleaners.

A clever flooring alternative

At Lion King Flooring, our collection of engineered timber flooring combines a veneer of real hardwood over a multidirectional plywood base layer, all topped with several coatings of high-quality sealer. The durable hardwood layer provides the look and feel of genuine wood with its natural ‘fingerprint’ of colour and grain, while the base layer has been designed for maximum stability.

Unlike solid timber flooring, our engineered timber flooring undergoes limited expansion and contraction so problems of cupping and bowing are eliminated and joins won’t spread over time. Thanks to our pre-finished coating, advanced construction and ‘click-together’ methods, the installation of our engineered wood flooring is both fast and economical. It’s also an environmentally responsible alternative that conserves precious forest resources since only a 0.6 to 6mm thickness of hardwood is used compared to 22mm wooden floors.

Take matters into your own hands

Our engineered timber flooring is a popular DIY project, requiring minimal tools and experience. Individual pieces are typically 14 millimetres thick and simply click together, so no permanent fixings like screws or nails are required.

Whether you want to apply our engineered timber flooring as a floating floor over a cushioning underlay or stick on with adhesives, this versatile product offers a simple and fuss-free flooring solution. It’s also easy to lay over existing flooring and won’t require any approvals or trade licence.

Lion King Flooring also supplies underlays, trim and edging to help you achieve an expert finish. This ease of installation also reduces the cost of hiring a professional, so it pays to ask for an obligation-free quote. Our in-house installation team can save you time and money, especially where a quick turnaround is required.

Easy installation for an elegant finished product

Because our engineered wood flooring is made from real hardwood, it captures the texture, variability and natural lustre of solid timber with a much simpler installation process. Unlike timber floors which require specialised equipment and skilled trades, engineered timber flooring is very simple to lay yourself. While timber flooring must be sanded, multi-coated and polished in situ our planks of engineered timber flooring are perfectly straight, will clip together uniformly and are pre-finished to a factory-controlled standard. The difference is weeks versus hours – especially important if you’re replacing an existing floor and need to live in your home while working around the flooring project.

Care and maintenance

Our engineered timber flooring couldn’t be simpler to look after – just use a broom or vacuum to clean up dust and other particulates and clean up any spills using a cloth or damp mop. Investing in engineered wood flooring from Lion King Flooring means you won’t need to rely on any special cleaning products or equipment. Like a solid timber floor, our engineered timber flooring can also be sanded back and refinished. To extend the working life of your engineered timber flooring by many decades, we can also provide you with additional protective coatings.

Invest in the best

Lion King Flooring can advise you on the best-looking, most cost-effective engineered timber flooring. We can help to assess how much foot traffic your floor will be subjected to, the effects of direct sunlight, determine the functional zones of your home, the impact of ambient and introduced noise.

Lion King Flooring is also able to supply and install from the south Central Coast to the Shoalhaven and west to the Hills district. Interested in DIY? You can pick it up directly from our headquarters in Guildford or we ship virtually Australia-wide. Please contact us for an obligation-free quote or come in and visit our showroom today.


What is engineered timber flooring?

Engineered timber flooring utilises a multidirectional plywood base layer in combination with a genuine hardwood veneer and a number of coats of sealant. Imitating the look of hardwood while being significantly easier to install and more resistant to scratches and damage, engineered timber flooring has emerged as a popular choice for people seeking an alternative to traditional flooring materials.

Why choose engineered wood flooring?

There are a number of reasons to opt for engineered wood flooring. First and foremost, it mimics the look of a genuine hardwood floor, while also being significantly more durable and harder to damage. It’s also more stable; it won’t warp over time in the same way as “real” wood, and the joins won’t spread apart over time.

In addition to these benefits, it’s also substantially cheaper than genuine hardwood and much easier to install. As it’s able to be installed over existing floorboards or other surfaces (somewhat akin to a floating floor) and has a “click-together” installation method, it’s also emerged as a popular option for DIY enthusiasts.

Can engineered wood flooring be used in a bathroom?

No. Although engineered wood flooring is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof — so installing it in an area that will be frequently wet, like a bathroom, is not advised. However, it’s the perfect material for just about any other room in your home.

Why buy engineered flooring from Lion King Flooring?

As long-time experts in flooring materials and at the cutting edge of new techniques in the industry, Lion King Flooring is able to provide you with the technical know-how and advice you need when you’re purchasing a new floor. If you’re wondering how to install engineered flooring, we’re also able to help talk you through the process — if you’re based in Sydney Metro or surrounding areas, we’re even able to do the installation for you. So when you buy from us, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the next product for your task at hand. Contact us today for more information.