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Timber Engineered Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring - Dusk

Engineered timber flooring floating floorboards comprises of a sandable top veneer of the chosen wood, which has been pre-finished with multi-coatings of lacquer to create a very tough wear layer. The top surface layer is bonded to a multi-layered backing, commonly made of plywood. This combination creates a far more stable plank, which is less prone to gapping, cupping or crowning under changes in temperature or humidity and can come in more wider and longer boards. It is designed to be laid as a floating flooring, which means it is not anchored to the subfloor, increasing the ease of repair and reducing the time and cost of installation. Engineered timber flooring floating floorboards can be installed in apartments or units with the right acoustic underlay as oppose to solid timber floorboards, which can’t be installed in apartments or units.

Visit our Sydney showroom to view our entire collection, our friendly staff will assist you to select the correct flooring product. If you unable to visit us, you can order flooring samples through our website which enable you to see the composition and the real colour of the flooring (colour of the product on the website may vary from device to device).

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