Before Placing Your Order

Get a Freight Quote by clicking here and filling out a web form.

Alternatively, you can organise your own transportation and pick up from our showroom at 22/575 Woodville Road, Guildford NSW 2161.

Check on Supply by sending us an email to info@lionkingflooring.com.au.

We want to make sure that the stock level is sufficient for your order.

Placing Your Order

Order Confirmation

We will issue an Order Confirmation PDF via email with instructions to pay for the order.


To make sure your transaction goes as smooth as possible, please provide us with:

• Your best contact number.

• The name and colour of the product you would like to purchase and the quantity needed.

• Make sure you have received your freight quote before you proceed with the order.

• Please specify any important details.

For example, please tell us if you are organising someone else to pick up your goods and please specify their name and best contact number.

Payment Options

Payment options available include Direct Credit (Bank Transfer), Credit Card Payment (VISA or Mastercard Only) and EFTPOS (in Showroom only). Please note there is a credit card surcharge of 1.5% (including any payment taken over the phone).