12mm GENCORE+ 72 Hour Water Resistance

Reflections 12mm GenCore+ laminate flooring is proudly engineered to withstand exposure to moisture for up to 72 hours in household settings.

It is important to note that even though this laminate flooring is more resistant to moisture than others, it is still vital to promptly clean up spills and moisture to prevent damage. As with all timber-based products, GenCore+ laminate flooring is not waterproof. The flooring will therefore react with moisture in the environment, causing it to expand or contract.

Excessive wetting of the floor, wet & dry electronic vacuum cleaners and exposure to pet urine are NOT ALLOWED at any time. This flooring CAN NOT be installed in ANY wet areas including bathrooms, laundries, toilets or areas subject to regular moisture or water.

Please refer to GenCore+ Care & Maintenance Guidelines and Warranty for more information.

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