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Choosing a Laminate Flooring

If you are building a new home or may be planning a renovation of your own, we think you will be delighted with a laminate flooring. These flooring offers you the look and feel of real wood for a fraction of the price. We stock an extensive range of laminate flooring cheap to premium. We offer wholesale prices directly to the public.
Laminate floors are reasonably easy for a DIY homeowner to install. If you are DIY handy then easy to install by your self, no mess, no fuss. All the accessories require to install laminate floors, you can purchase from us.

Easy to Care
Most our laminate flooring are AC4 graded(recommend for high residential or general commercial foot traffic usage). laminate is very low maintenance, hygienic and easy to clean. If taken care of properly, laminate flooring will last for a very long time. These floors not only look beautiful but they will maintain their new look for many years to come. Laminate floors are quite simple to clean, requiring only the occasional sweeping with a soft bristle broom or wiping with a moist microfiber mop and a tiny bit of dish detergent.

Professional Installation in Sydney Metro
No time for install the flooring by yourself! We do offer supply and installation service to most places in the Sydney Metro Area. Contact us for a obligation free quotation.


What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is an imitation wood material, which allows you to have the look and feel of floorboards without the expense or extensive maintenance. It’s emerged as an increasingly popular flooring option for common areas within the home, thanks to its ease of installation and durability.

Why choose laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring offers a number of advantages in comparison to traditional floorboards. It’s available in a broad range of colours, so it can be easily used to match your existing decor or help serve as a basis for overhauling the current look of a room. It’s also significantly more durable than traditional wooden floorboards — laminate flooring is far more scratch-resistant, as well as being easier to clean. Additionally, if damage does occur, they’re also far easier to replace. Overall, your floors can look significantly newer for a longer period of time when you opt for laminate flooring.

Can laminate flooring be used in a bathroom?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Although laminate flooring is quite durable and resistant to water, it’s not completely waterproof, either. Accordingly, it’s not ideal in frequently damp settings like the bathroom or laundry. Tiles are still the best option when it comes to the bathroom.

Why should I buy my laminate flooring from Lion King Flooring?

Here at Lion King Flooring, we’re longtime experts in providing a huge range of flooring options across Sydney and greater NSW. We don’t just sell flooring and accessories — we can also advise what products will best suit your individual needs and decor.

Additionally, we can install your new purchase for you or provide you with information on how to install laminate flooring. So why not reach out to the team at Lion King Flooring today? If you’re considering laminate flooring, we can talk you through the next steps.

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