German made 12mm Laminate

European made(Germany) AC4 12mm Laminate Flooring.

  • High Definition Print
    Thanks to HD printing, laminate floors are virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood floors as each board maintains consistent quality and appearance.
  • VOC Low Emissions
    The high density core meets the Australian standard for Volatile Organic Compound(VOC), Green Star Rating.
  • AC4 HDF Core
    Laminate flooring receives an AC rating based on its performance under a multitude of key stress points including: heat, moisture, scratches and scuffs. At AC4, these laminates are highly durable and suitable for general commercial level foot traffic areas.
  • Authentic Embossed
    These AC4 laminate floors have authentic embossed, ensuring that the appearance and texture are perfectly matched. So not only does look authentic, it feels authentic.

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