Blue Gum Engineered Timber Flooring(Aus Hardwood) sample with 5Gc Locking System


Aus Hardwood Engineered Timber offers one of the most desirable and exotic high density floorboards.
The veneer of these floorboards offer a range of colors made from Australian hardwood timber.



Australian Blue Gum Engineered Timber Flooring Sample 20cm long

Aus Hardwood

Australian Hardwood Species, Engineered Timber Flooring with 5Gc Joining System

  • This high quality Australian hardwood timber Engineered Flooring combines the sophistication of a traditional hardwood timber floor with a pre-finished engineered timber floor.
  • 5Gc Patented locking system will enable DIY option for you.
  • Available in UV Lacquer, Matte finished with 20% +- 5% Gloss.
  • Come with a 25 years Structural Warranty.
  • Easy to maintain Aus Hardwood Engineered flooring requires little maintenance. Regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust and grit, plus wiping with a wet cloth that has been wrung dry is all that is required
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Additional information


AusHardwood Engineered Flooring

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UV Lacquer, Matte Finished

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Matte with Dark Grains

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3mm Veneer

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