This is a question that we hear a lot from our customers. There is no “either one or the other is better” answer to this question because the appropriate choice depends on several factors.  The most important is the condition of the sub-floor, interior design preferences, project budget, the type of the dwelling, and ability to maintain the floor.

Engineered Oak Timber Flooring and Australian Hardwood Engineered Timber Flooring are stunning when done right. It is unique and adds an air of rustic sophistication. But making the appropriate choice is essential to have a floor that maintains its good looks and serves you for longer.  Here at Lion King Flooring, we seek to educate the buyer as much as possible to make an informed decision. We can also send a flooring professional to your site to make a qualified assessment, and make a recommendation depending on the factors above.

What is Solid Timber Flooring?

As the name implies, timber flooring is available in solid wood planks of typically 18mm thick. These sustainably sourced planks are cut from solid, high-quality logs of trees such as Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Bluegum. It’s common for older homes here in Australia to have this type of flooring in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. In the past, the planks came milled from solid lumber, and you cut, sanded and refinished them on site. Today, you can get prefinished solid timber flooring in Sydney at reasonable prices directly from suppliers like Lion King Flooring.

Pros of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Sophisticated look and feel 

Each plank of wood has unique grain patterns which make solid wood flooring patterns very interesting. There is an earthy feel to the floor. Solid timber is breathable which allows it to age gracefully, getting richer in colour.  Some hardwoods retain their woody aroma, which adds to the natural feel.


Solid wood flooring has a longer lifespan under normal residential usage. This can extend if the floor does not have a lot of foot traffic, and where environmental conditions do not fluctuate by a significant margin.

Renewal and refinishing 

The thicker dimensions of solid wood planks allow sanding in 2-4 times during their lifespan. This means you can have a new-look floor every 5 years or so, without replacing it.

Smoother edges and seams 

Solid timber flooring boards are treated in a heated kiln to get rid of excess moisture. This makes them less susceptible to warping and gives tighter seams.

Cons of Solid Timber Flooring

Poor resistance to moisture 

Solid wood flooring is vulnerable to standing water damage. This type of flooring does not lie well on a concrete subfloor because the moisture from the concrete subfloor makes it swell and warp.


Solid wood flooring costs more per square metre than any other type of flooring, especially when cutting from expensive hardwoods.

What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

This type of flooring is also made of 100% wood, but the premium hardwood is placed as a veneer over bonded plywood.  It’s made to last the test of time.  Engineered GrandOak, Imperial Oak and Australian Hardwood engineered flooring in Sydney varieties come prefinished and no need to do onsite sand and polishing.  European Oak engineered flooring comes with Tongue & Groove join system most of Australian Hardwood Engineered flooring comes with patented 5Gc locking system for easy installation and finish.

Pros of Engineered Timber Flooring


High-quality engineered timber flooring is still cheaper than medium quality solid wood floors. Solid wood floors typically cost from $99 per m² in Australia while the cost of Engineered Oak Floors start from $68.

Better water and heat resistance 

The plywood base does not expand or contract easily, which makes this floor less susceptible to warping from moisture or heat.

More natural to match for large areas 

You can choose similar prefinished engineered flooring boards when flooring large areas, for more uniformity.

Cons of Engineered Timber flooring

Fewer options for refinishing 

Engineered wood flooring has a thin veneer of wood, which allows a maximum of 2 times of sanding in its lifetime. It is also not possible to sand and polish it when it is floated.

Create inspired living spaces at affordable prices

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