Laminate may be a popular modern flooring option but is it suitable for your kitchen? Made from synthetic layers fused together under intense heat and pressure, laminate gives the impression of wood, without the expensive price tag. Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of installing laminate flooring in your kitchen.

Advantages of Laminate Kitchen Flooring

  •       Cost – laminate is cheaper than more traditional kitchen flooring alternatives like ceramic tiles, vinyl, stone or even natural wood.
  •       Variety – it’s available in various finishes. Take a look at our laminate flooring range for options, which include Highland Ridge, Monarch and Country Classics collections.
  •       Durability – choose water resistant laminate flooring and the highest AC4 grade options like ours, which are designed to deal with heavy footfall.
  •       Easy to install – if you have some DIY experience, laminate floors are simple to fit.
  •       Low maintenance – just sweep with a soft brush and then wipe with a damp microfibre mop.

Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring in the Kitchen

  •       Can be damaged by moisture – laminate can be ruined if moisture gets into its edges or core, causing it to warp and buckle.
  •       Not as tough as alternatives – ceramic, vinyl and stone floors deal much better with humid, high-thread environments like the kitchen.
  •       Manufactured look – as a man-made material, laminate doesn’t have a unique beauty that natural flooring alternatives do.
  •       Shorter lifespan – laminate can’t be as easily refinished as other flooring types, so it has a shorter lifespan.
  •       Lower resale value – homes with laminate flooring tend to have a lower resale value than those with natural wood, stone or ceramic tiles.

Laminate Services from Lion King Flooring

If you’re interested in installing laminate floors in your kitchen, it’s essential that you choose the best quality you can afford and make sure the planks are properly sealed, with tight edges. At Lion King Flooring, we supply top-quality AC4 laminate from our Sydney warehouses, which come in wholesale to premium prices. We also sell accessories for DIY installation but if you want a professional finish, contact us for expert laminate floor fitting services across Sydney.